Peter Dowse



Peter Dowse MarketeamHi, my name is Peter Dowse and I have a passionate interest in customer psychology, human behaviour, sales techniques, language, writing, coding, web design and search engine optimisation (oh, and good coffee!).

Over the past 20 years I’ve combined these passions to help create websites, online marketing and SEO strategies for hundreds of different clients in a huge variety of industries.

My interest in sales and marketing techniques started when I was in my early 20’s and worked for a variety of telemarketing companies. It was here that I learned sales is about numbers and technique. The more you contact – the better chance you have of selling. The better your technique – the more you sell!

I first became interested in SEO in 2004 when working for a small Brisbane web design and print firm. I was asked to write an article for their newsletter about Google. Researching how Google started and how they built their search engine naturally led me into finding out more about SEO.

Six months later I was asked to give a presentation on organic SEO for a Google-sponsored event and found myself on stage with the Marketing Manager of Google Australia (talk about being intimidated!).

I frequently present seminars and workshops for both government and private enterprise and have lectured about online marketing and SEO for:-

I thoroughly enjoy helping our clients attract the right types of customers whilst building their online presence via tried and tested SEO and online marketing strategies.

Feel free to connect with me online (or over a cup of really good coffee!)