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When it comes to running a business, many of us are experts at knowing the products or services that we sell intimately. We know them inside out because we work with them every day. Talking to customers about what we do and landing the next big project by outlining all the benefits of our services or products is a great feeling, but what if we could do it better?

What if there was a way to take customers on a journey – your journey, and let them feel something about your business, not just find out information?

There is a pair of crested pigeons nesting in a date palm in my front garden. Over the past two months I’ve been watching this pair of pigeons make their nest, lay their eggs and sit on their precious white, marble-sized cargo waiting for their offspring to break out of the confines of their egg.

My daughters and I often check the eggs to see how they are coming along in the hatching process (so far no baby pigeons). Whilst I’ve been watching this whole process I’ve learnt that there’s some very important business lessons to learn from this pigeon pair, and as always – the best lessons are often the simplest or the ones derived from nature.

So here are my “5 business lessons I learnt from a pigeon”...

Yes, there is price pressure all around us and much of the media creates its own self promotion around telling the consumers that they should stick it up the businesses and press for a better deal. Does this mean that you have to capitulate to increasing demands for even keener margins? Not necessarily.

We are hearing it in the media regularly that business generally is doing it tough and it is true that many businesses are struggling. It is however not the time to be thinking doom and gloom, rather we need to look for the opportunities we have not yet discovered which could take our business to a new level.

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