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Lots of our clients have been asking about what the mobile-first indexing that Google has been rolling out means for their website and their ranking in Google.

You may have noticed in the past couple of weeks that your rankings may have been moving up and down as Google rolls out this indexing method that also affects their ranking algorithm and in turn, your rankings in Google.

As a web designer I spend a lot of time online. A LOT of time! Over the years I’ve found loads of different, interesting and useful tools and websites that help me to complete tasks that would otherwise be burdensome, time-consuming or just plain annoying.

Hopefully by sharing some of these tools, I can help other business owners, web designers or just people interested in performing tasks more effectively to lighten the load a little throughout their day.

So without further delay, here’s my list of six favourite online tools.

You’ve got your coffee and you’re ready to work. You open your computer and try to open your email but there’s no new messages. “That’s strange?” you say to yourself. “I usually always have at least a few new emails every morning!” So you fire up your web browser to see if your internet connection is working.

You navigate to your business website and see a ‘404 site not found’ message. This is usually when we see clients start to panic and we get the “My website’s down and my email isn’t working” phone call.

90% of the time when this occurs it’s because your domain name has lapsed and it’s expired, but fear not – there are things you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.

In a hyper-connected day and age of instant information, super fast services and the ability to find anything on the internet for a cheaper price, everyone is conditioned to look for a bargain on the web. There are certainly many great offers and services you can get for incredibly reasonable prices online, but there’s also a lot of cowboys, crap and claptrap that honest people plow their hard-earned money into for little to no results.

When it comes to web design there are so many different ways to get online these days – anyone not familiar with the industry can get overwhelmed with the various options, services and systems available, with a huge variance of pricing. So what’s the best option to go with? Is a cheap web design worth the money? Aren’t all websites the same?

All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

In today’s world we float between devices pretty seamlessly. Laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices are in most homes in Australia, and when a customer is looking at your website and wants to move from one device to another, or looks at your site on their computer at work then may check it out again on their tablet or mobile at home, they should have a seamless experience and the web design should allow for a smooth transition between devices. 

In the world of business it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest fads for marketing and generating business. There’s a plethora of schemes, frameworks and blueprints that all seem to promise business success and riches, but usually tend to overcharge and under deliver.

Here at Marketeam we’ve always believed in the saying “success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” and building successful websites is no different. To make a website successful takes a lot of hard work and dedication, even more if you don’t know what you’re doing. With that in mind we’ve decided to put together this guide of important things about websites for small businesses.

As part of the web design process for every client, Marketeam comes up with a complete custom design that matches client’s branding and colour palettes. But how do we actually come up with unique designs every time? Well, the answer to that question is we use templates as a framework for all of our websites and then incorporate additional design elements to make them unique.

We feel designing and developing websites this way gives us the freedom and flexibility to create amazing looking websites – every time, whilst cutting down on development and design costs for our customers. So here’s why we use templates to build our websites.

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding what it actually is and what companies should be doing when they charge a fee to do SEO work on your website.

We’ve all had those emails or phone calls from overseas call centres promising you “page one results on Google!” for a small fee, but what does it all mean, and when someone tells you they can make your website ‘SEO friendly’, is that the same as SEO optimised?

Before we launch into the differences between search engine friendly and search engine optimised let's take a quick look at what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation actually is.

As website designers we spend our life in front of the computer screen. We are constantly building websites for customers – launching, testing and setting live our creations on the internet.

If there’s one question we get asked more than any other, it’s “why does my website look slightly different on different computers or browsers?” Now we wish there was an easy answer to this question but it’s a little complicated so we’re going to try and break it down and explain it in the best way we can.

We’ve been working with Joomla for around 10 years now and in that time we’ve learnt the system pretty much inside out. We’ve used all versions of Joomla from 1.0 upwards and sometimes we’re so used to doing things in this system we forget that what might be simple or trivial for us, could be a revelation for a customer.

One of these simple tricks recently came to our attention so we thought it would be wise to share it in our blog. This simple trick can let you see any published page on your Joomla website without knowing what the URL is.

When it comes to great website design, there’s a few elements that will always span across the different design trends we see, year in year out in our industry. At the time of writing (September 2017) the website design trend we’re seeing – and have seen all throughout the year – is large, full page slideshows with a funky background image or video and marketing message or a call to action button.

If you’re thinking about getting a website built you’re probably in the process of looking for a Brisbane based web design company – or perhaps you’ve spoken to a few people and they’ve talked to you about their website developer or ‘my website designer did this for me’’ etc and you may be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a website developer and a designer?

When you're developing a new website, adding content to an existing website or employing a copywriter to build up the content on your website, one of the questions that will inevitably pop up is "how much content is ideal for SEO?"

This is one of those questions that tends to get a lot of personal opinion injected into the argument. I think the main point to remember about writing content is to always have the user in mind. If you ramble and go on and on with your content, the only reason being to get additional keywords in your copy or to try and have loads of different keyword variations, then you're going to lose your readers.

We all know that keywords are a really important factor of your search engine optimisation strategy. Choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases for use on your website is the key to driving the right type of traffic.

At the end of the day most people want visitors to their website to perform some type of action - sign up to a newsletter, make a purchase, etc. One of the most important factors in doing this is to drive the right type of traffic to your website. Without the right type of visitors, your website will get loads of traffic (which looks great in an analytics report) but you won’t be converting any customers (which looks bad on the balance sheet).

When it comes to adding images to your website it seems like a fairly straightforward process, right? Take a photo or grab an image somewhere online and upload it to your site and you’re done! When it comes to adding images to your website it seems like a fairly straightforward process, right? Take a photo or grab an image somewhere online and upload it to your site and you’re done! 

Whilst this is the general jist of using images on your website, when you start scratching the surface you will begin to realise there’s a lot more to using images on your website than ‘upload, insert and publish’.

Before we get into the how to find, edit and optimise images for the web, let’s get a basic understanding of images, the different types you can get and some basic attributes of them. 

Often, when I’m talking at a workshop or conference I tell people that search engines love new, unique and relevant content. This inevitably leads to me telling them that they should be updating their websites on a regular basis to:-
      a) ensure that search engines frequently come back to your website to get new content, and
      b) give your visitors new and interesting info each time they go to your website.

Then I will always get asked the question “how often should we update our website?”

Some of you may have heard of the term ‘alt tag’ when researching SEO. You may have even heard of its importance in terms of SEO, but are wondering ‘what is an alt tag and why is it important?’Some of you may have heard of the term ‘alt tag’ when researching SEO. You may have even heard of its importance in terms of SEO, but are wondering ‘what is an alt tag and why is it important?’

To be a valuable search engine you need to have a fresh index with lots of new information in it – all the time. To get this information a search engine needs to crawl the web and then filter this information into usable chunks of data that relate to search queries.

One of the things search engines do to ensure quality search results is to remove duplicate content from their index. Duplicate content fills up search engines with superfluous content and creates a bad user experience for searchers.  

You may have heard the term long tail keywords when it comes to SEO, but perhaps you’re not really sure what they are, how they work or why people are targeting them. 

In this article we will attempt to shed some light on long tail keywords, why smart 
SEOs are targeting them and how you can use them in your SEO strategies. If used correctly, they can help to bring more targeted visitors to your site, resulting in higher conversion rates and more customers.

Have you ever set up a blog category in your Joomla install only to have the blog page layout look a little, well... wonky? The blog layout is a great way to display multiple articles on the one page as blogs can be a really effective SEO tool for your website, but if the layout isn’t up to scratch, people are likely to not read through your content and click to a competitors website.

If you’ve used Joomla for any length of time you have no doubt stumbled across the anomaly of when setting up a page, your homepage modules show up on the page – even though you haven’t allocated a homepage template to the page (if you’re using a system like Gantry) or allocated homepage modules to that page. What gives and why is this happening?

So you’ve decided on using Joomla for your next website design project and you’re in the process of looking for web design companies to quote on your site. There’s so many options, questions and ways of building websites these days it’s hard to know what questions to ask, right?

There are many questions you can ask a potential web design company or contract web developer, and these will be dependant on the requirements of your project. Before you even start looking at companies to build a website for you... you will need to have a clear understanding of what you want your website to do and the functionality requirements of your new website. That being the case, there are several areas you will need to cover before getting to the stage where you’re asking Joomla website development companies for a quote. 

Many clients have asked why there’s a /cms or /main on the end of our website URLs. There’s a very simple answer to this question – to help fend off potentially devastating hacking attempts on your website.

If you're using JCE Editor and you're finding that it's stripping out some of your website elements like YouTube videos, online forms, particular bits of html code or iframes, there's a way to set JCE editor so it recognises these elements and doesn't strip them out. 

One of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords. If you're not targeting the right keywords you're not going to convert any customers.

You may have heard a lot of talk on the internet about responsive design and how that relates to websites. In this article we take a look at what exactly is responsive design and how it’s the next level of technology for website developers and web designers.

Ever wanted to know how to backup your Joomla website using Akeeba Backup? This short video explains how to backup your website and what to do with your backup file when you’re done.

There is a pair of crested pigeons nesting in a date palm in my front garden. Over the past two months I’ve been watching this pair of pigeons make their nest, lay their eggs and sit on their precious white, marble-sized cargo waiting for their offspring to break out of the confines of their egg.

My daughters and I often check the eggs to see how they are coming along in the hatching process (so far no baby pigeons). Whilst I’ve been watching this whole process I’ve learnt that there’s some very important business lessons to learn from this pigeon pair, and as always – the best lessons are often the simplest or the ones derived from nature.

So here are my “5 business lessons I learnt from a pigeon”...

Sometimes, as business owners, we get wrapped up in the world of commerce. Marketing our products and services to potential customers can take up a large proportion of our time. We sometimes forget people are just that – people. Marketing to the masses and shouting your message to the crowd quickly gets lost in the sea of noise that is the Internet.

Canned responses has to be one of my favourite features of Gmail, and it’s by far the feature I use most often (besides the awesome search function).

Using canned responses can help improve customer service whilst making your business processes more efficient.

Did you know... between April 2011 and April 2012, Joomla was updated 17 times?

Running an old version of Joomla on your website means security vulnerabilities and loopholes for hackers to exploit - don’t let your website become a victim to hackers.

I came across this great article this morning 8 Attributes of Content That Inspire Action and it got me thinking that often, when writing content or copy for websites, brochures and other marketing material, business owners don’t inspire action.

Yes, there is price pressure all around us and much of the media creates its own self promotion around telling the consumers that they should stick it up the businesses and press for a better deal. Does this mean that you have to capitulate to increasing demands for even keener margins? Not necessarily.

Having unique and relevant title and description tags is one of the easist and most effective ways to assist your SEO efforts and drive targeted traffic to your website.

We are hearing it in the media regularly that business generally is doing it tough and it is true that many businesses are struggling. It is however not the time to be thinking doom and gloom, rather we need to look for the opportunities we have not yet discovered which could take our business to a new level.

The non-techy guide to HTML5


You’ve probably heard the term HTML5 being thrown around a lot when looking for a web designer or web design company, right? I know as web developers we can talk about some very abstract things... and sometimes we forget that our clients don’t find all the geek speak and tech talk as interesting as we do.


With that in mind this is the Non-techy Guide to HTML5

O2 Group chose the Vermilion template from Rockettheme for their new Joomla website design. Incorporating a brand new slideshow on their homepage has given the website a much-needed fresh look and feel that projects a more corporate image to their prospective clients.

Re-designing the CRC ORE website has been one of our biggest Joomla website projects to date.

As a global mining research and industry initiative, the website was re-vamped using the fresh Sirocco template from Rockettheme.

An easy-to-manage Joomla website for this Brisbane-based mining company was the end result that the client was extremely happy with.

Rachael from Career Shift has been one of Marketeam’s valued clients for several years, so when she came to us wanting a new website design for her current Joomla site we jumped at the chance to help her out.

We used Rockettheme's Vermilion template giving it a corporate, clean look and feel - Rachael is thrilled with the end result and is happy to show off her new website to her potential clients.

Easitag wanted a more user-friendly website that their clients could easily navigate around, so we chose the Anacron template from Rockettheme, giving the site a super-clean, corporate but edgy design.

This Joomla website design is a vast improvement from their old site, with the results speaking for itself – their bounce rate is now down by a whopping 40% due to a more user friendly setup.

Based on the Hadron template from Rocketheme, this fresh Joomla web design incorporates a clean, simple look to appeal to the customer’s of this Brisbane-based composting toilet company.

Incorporating products from Ecolet’s Ecwid store, this website was done on budget and on time and the client is very pleased with the end result.

Powerchoice is an energy provider company based in Stafford, Brisbane - they wanted to update the template for their Joomla website that would incorporate their brand new corporate branding.

We used the Vermillion template from Rockettheme - a clean, corporate template that incorporates an animated menu, slideshow and custom designed rollovers within the RokSprocket features module.

Jo and Shawn Brosnan from TT Building Surveyors were really keen to have their Joomla website updated so it could be readily available on mobile devices. They decided to take their new design in a completely different direction going from a white background to a dark grey, which is very stylish.

To achieve this look we used the new Gantry 5 template Callisto from RocketTheme, incorporating some really neat RokSprocket buttons on the homepage to showcase the services provided by TT Building Surveyors.

We think the end result speaks for itself!

Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates have two Brisbane locations - Albion and Bulimba. They wanted to update the look and feel of their website along with making it mobile friendly so they could continue ranking in search engines.

We started with the Nuance template from RocketTheme and incorporated Agility’s branding and colours with a groovy slideshow feature on the homepage.

Di and Richard are the new owners of Absolute Maintenance and Cleaning based in Toowoomba. They came to us wanting a super simple website to help promote their services to potential clients in and around the Toowoomba area.

Large, bright imagery has been used with all information laid out in a clear, easy-to-read fashion… they are thrilled with the final result!

Bright Print Group were looking to update their existing Joomla 1.5 website. Notable features include responsive design built on the Gantry system and an update of the template design and content architecture. Careful consideration was taken to ensure client’s SEO efforts would be migrated to the new site.

The Wealth Academy needed to incorporate multiple video formats behind a subscription based website. Ease of use and clean layout was of paramount importance to our client and his customers, so we created this visually appealing Joomla design that conveys all information in an easy-to-read manner.

A family-run tea tree oil plantation, NATTO approached Marketeam to create a Joomla website that would bring them into the responsive web-based world in line with their competitors. Marketeam have developed a website that gives a clear overview of their products along with letting their customers see the plantation and it’s processes.

Des and Peta are the owners of Allclear Gas and Plumbing - they've been customers of Marketeam’s for many years, and required a new no-nonsense template design for their Joomla website install. The result is a clean, simple design that’s easy to navigate and mobile friendly.

Greg contacted us wanting a clean and simple website that would be simple to navigate for his customers. A mobile friendly website was created by the team at Marketeam, and the staff can now update their own website very easily.

Second Story Furniture came to us wanting a fresh, new website that would encourage their potential customers to view their range of second hand pre-loved furniture online. Based on the north side of Brisbane, Second Story Furniture wanted a soft pastel design so we created their Joomla website using RocketTheme’s Anacron template.

The owners of the furniture store – Dave and Amanda – are extremely happy with their new-look website and say that business is booming since their online launch.

Advanced Chiropractic Clinic is based in Albany Creek, Brisbane. They wanted a Joomla website design that would showcase their current services to potential clients, so we used the Hadron template from RocketTheme, providing a clean, corporate but friendly look and feel.

Boardshots is run by a photographer named Paul Simpson. He takes photographs of surfers at Alexandra Headlands (Sunshine Coast) and uploads them to his website so surfers can buy images of themselves in action on the water.

Marketeam created a website design using the Joomla platform that enables Paul to easily upload images from his computer, phone or tablet.

Creative Food Smokers decided to re-vamp their website to provide their customers with a more user-friendly website experience.

We used the Vermilion theme from RocketTheme to create a colourful, vibrant design to showcase their range of gourmet food smoking products.

EBSA came to us wanting a Joomla website design that would promote their window automation and louvre products.

Part of the brief was to incorporate a Projects Gallery where they could display their high-end products to potential customers, so we used RokGallery from RocketTheme.

The design is light and spacious to represent the type of product they sell.

We have just launched the website for Transmax - one of our biggest projects for the year 2013.

With a major overhaul of their old Joomla website there was a wide range of custom coding, functionality and over 3500 lines of custom CSS added to this site.

Many hours were spent on using the latest functionality like responsive design, Font Awesome icons, Parallax scrolling features, jquery Maps and scrollers and a complete reshaping of their online branding.

Renew Furniture is based at Virginia on Brisbane’s north side, stocking a wide variety of quality ex-display furniture at really cheap prices.

With a design that’s beautiful, elegant and clean, this Joomla website uses the RokSprocket module for sorting products into categories - for example, lounge, dining and bedroom. Applying a price range tag to each product, a potential buyer can sort through the products depending on their budget.

Callide Dawson insurance is based at Biloela, Queensland. They wanted to branch out and develop their own unique website, this was done by installing the latest version of Joomla and creating a clean, sleek design that matches their logo and branding.

Our clients, Jo and Gerald came to us wanting a re-vamp of their old Joomla website. A fresh new design incorporating videos from Doodler have given their site a new lease of life.

Arthur is a Brisbane based art dealer specialising in Aboriginal, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Polynesian Islands, Maori & Oceanic Fine Tribal Art, Native Artefacts & Material Culture.

The new Murri Dental website features a rotating image slideshow on the homepage, with relevant graphics/imagery to promote each clinic's services.

Corporate branding and colours have been matched to suit each logo, resulting in a clean, corporate – but fresh – Joomla website design.

Here’s something interesting I came across today. Two days ago I uploaded a video called Custom CSS for Joomla module in Chrome and when I was testing to ensure it was coming up in Google I noticed that there was a little “New” icon next to the video. Take a look at the image below. 

So you’ve got your Joomla website looking great. The design is done and you’ve spent loads of time getting the content and images just right but when you open your site in Chrome or Safari, some of the modules look not quite right or out of alignment. You can change the .css file but that also changes how it displays in IE and Firefox.

So you ask yourself - How can I change the css for a module in Joomla so it only changes in Chrome or Safari?

Have you ever wondered how to find great keywords but find all those posts and articles and tools confusing? Would you prefer a simple and succinct visual guide to finding the right keywords for your website?

Behold the ultimate infographic for finding keywords to attract customers. 

Mark and Sharyn contacted us to build a Joomla website for their Brisbane-based sterilizer sales and service business.

Blues and greys were used in the website's design to promote a 'clinical and sterilized' feel - perfect for their business. A rotating slideshow was created on their homepage to showcase a range of models they sell and service.

When you think about it... it’s actually a little scary to think how many websites and services are out there, but how few people know how they run or the code behind these systems. Every one of us have no doubt used Facebook, Google Maps, web-based email and other online platforms... and my guess is you haven’t even thought about what goes into building a service like this?

Running a small business is hard. Typically, most small businesses have limited staff, limited time and a limited budget for sales and marketing efforts. This being the case sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of just 'running' your business and letting the 'promotion' of your business slide.

Content is King. You may have heard many experts, gurus and specialists sprout this time and again across many different websites, newsletters, forums or seminars / conferences. There's a reason for this.

When searching for a product or service that they want to visit or call, most people search using local terms. If you're in a business that services a local area (mechanics, hairdressers, and other service-based businesses) then it makes sense to localise your website to attract customers from your local area, right?

On a search engine’s results page (SERP) what does the different coloured text represent? It's well worth getting to know what a search engine's results page represents and the information that gets displayed within them.

These days things happen fast. The internet has bought about a mentality of instant access, instant information and instant gratification. It's so easy to go to another website or do another search for a product, service or information, so with this in mind we need to make our websites usable and easy to manage, navigate and fulfill whatever action your potential customer wants to fill when they get to your website.

When writing copy for your website there are some very important rules to consider. The difference between good copy and bad copy can really make an impact on the amount of traffic you drive to your website and how you convert those customers.

There are many different elements on your website that will help increase the ranking of your page and one of these elements is the H1 tag. 

Every day more and more Australians access their favourite websites and social sites using mobile devices. With 37% market penetration for smartphones and the average user having 25 apps on their phone, keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in your world via mobile is a natural progression for many of us.

Home Therapy Solutions provides home treatment and assessment in physiotherapy and occupational therapy rehabilitation in the homes of people who need it.

Marketeam recently re-developed a website for Home Therapy Solutions, providing a fresh, clean design for their business.

Our client is now able to update their own website as changes arise, and can easily add images to the slideshow on the homepage.

As a Marketeam customer you’re most likely already set up with Google Apps. You can now upgrade your Google Docs to Google Drive for free and get a whopping 5GB of online storage. Best thing is it’s free and you have access to it... right now.

If you’re into cars, you’ll love the Captain Shirty website – they sell top quality muscle car t-shirts for car enthusiasts.

Based in Brisbane, Captain Shirty sells t-shirts and other goods online, as well as visiting local car shows around south east Qld.

Marketeam built a shopping cart using Ecwid – now the products are displayed quickly and easily online. If you’re looking for an interesting gift for the car enthusiast in your family/friends, visit Captain Shirty to view a whole range muscle car t-shirts.

Workforce Consulting are an HR and organisational development consultancy with extensive international experience specialising in providing this type of support to small and medium businesses.

Workforce Consulting has undertaken assignments for clients such as Westfield, Boral and Employment National – either individually or by their consultants as a collective.

Marketeam built a professional, easy-to-use website using the WordPress CMS – now our client can manage and update their own website as required.

Amici’s Restaurant is a popular destination for Italian cuisine at Brisbane’s South Bank.

Marketeam designed a Joomla website template that looks fresh and inviting, incorporating a rotating slideshow on the homepage to showcase their fine pizzas and pastas at South Bank.

Whenever Amici’s Restaurant has a change to their menu, they can easily upload a new PDF file of their menu so potential diners can view the tasty meals on offer.

So, when you’re in the mood for casual Italian, Amici’s Restaurant on South Bank Parklands is the place to be.

NeuBau + MVA is a professional engineering consultancy firm in Brisbane, specialising in detailed design and management of multi-disciplinary projects. With expertise in a range of industries, NeuBau + MVA can handle projects large and small.

We designed a sleek, professional template in Joomla incorporating relevant keywords as part of their full SEO service. After providing training on how to use the Joomla CMS, the management and staff at NeuBau MVA can now update and maintain their own website from any computer, any time.

Saving on business expenses is something we all like to do. Today we’re going to show you how you can save money and increase office productivity using free and low cost online tools and services.

For an industry that practically didn’t exist 5 years ago, mobile devices and tablets have experienced amazing growth.

This combined with faster Internet speeds and WiFi penetration around Australia means more and more people will be using mobile devices to access your online promotional material. Is your website mobile-device friendly?

Groundbreaker Earthmoving offers professional commercial earthmoving services in Brisbane. With an extensive fleet of excavation and earthmoving equipment, operators with experience and knowledge of the industry, Groundbreaker will come to your site prepared and ready to work.

A rotating slideshow on their homepage is one of the higlights of their new website design. The staff at Groundbreaker have the ability to insert any new images into their slideshow – our client can update and manage their own Joomla CMS website.

A full SEO service was performed on the website content, with keywords such as “Brisbane excavation contractor and earthmoving services” being used throughout their website.

If you need a Brisbane backyard excavation service make sure you visit Groundbreaker for all your Brisbane excavation contractor and earthmoving services.

Boat Buddies offers a complete boat service for Sydney-based boats and yachts.

Boat Buddies specialise in the underwater hull cleaning of boats to assure your boat maintains maximum speed, fuel efficiency, better handling, and no vibrations. Based in Sydney, they have built their business on long term relationships with marinas, boat dealers and private clients.

Over the past couple of months Marketeam has worked with Boat Buddies to produce a great looking website that has already seen them receiving more phone calls from potential customers.

We developed the Boat Buddies website in Joomla, along with providing a complete SEO service, training on how to use the Joomla CMS – and we installed Google Apps to help our client manage their email, calendar and documents.

Boat Buddies can now easily manage their own website using the Joomla CMS, and are enjoying using the online platform to promote their Sydney-based boat service business.

Albany Creek Gymnastics Club offers classes for gymnastics for kids on Brisbane’s north side.

ACGCI offers gymnastics classes for those 18 months and above right through to high level competitive gymnastics and everything in between.

Markteam has built this website using the Joomla CMS – so now Albany Creek Gymnastics Club can update and manage their own website at their convenience.

Here are some basic instructions for loading new images into your homepage slideshow, which is run by the RokGallery component.

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