How to stop JCE Editor from stripping out your HTML, Embedd and YouTube code

If you're using JCE Editor and you're finding that it's stripping out some of your website elements like YouTube videos, online forms, particular bits of html code or iframes, there's a way to set JCE editor so it recognises these elements and doesn't strip them out. 

Log into your Joomla administrator area and go to Components / JCE Editor

From there you will see on the left hand side four main menu items labeled:-

  • Control Panel
  • Editor Global Configuration
  • Editor Profiles
  • Install Add-ons

Click on 'Editor Profiles' and then choose Default from the list. This is where you can change the different options within JCE Editor so that the editor shows particular buttons (great if you want to restrict client access to things like font, size, font type etc that can wreak havoc with your website's styling as clients can start going outside pre-defined CSS Styles) or limit their ability to upload certain files etc. 

Here's how I set up my JCE Editor settings to allow the most amount of freedom when it comes to adding additional elements to a website without it being stripped out by the editor. It's worth noting here that it may be worthwhile setting up a separate editor profile for administrators that gives greater power and styling abilities whilst giving clients a 'default' profile, as client can sometimes upload weird and wonderful code to sites that can break the site, impact on analytics etc. 

In the 'Editor Parameters' Tab on the 'Cleanup and Output' Setting  - I set the Validate HTML setting to - No

In the 'Advanced' Settings - I set 'Allow Javascript', 'Allow CSS' and 'Allow PHP' to - Yes

Next Click on the 'Plugin Parameters' tab and scroll down to the 'media support settings' and change 'Allow IFrames' to Yes

This should enable you to add pretty much most of the code you will need in a website (like Youtube videos, third party form features like Wufoo, Jotforms, Infusionsoft or Salesforce forms and iframes) without JCE Editor stripping out the code.