How to view any page on your Joomla website without knowing the URL

We’ve been working with Joomla for around 10 years now and in that time we’ve learnt the system pretty much inside out. We’ve used all versions of Joomla from 1.0 upwards and sometimes we’re so used to doing things in this system we forget that what might be simple or trivial for us, could be a revelation for a customer.

One of these simple tricks recently came to our attention so we thought it would be wise to share it in our blog. This simple trick can let you see any published page on your Joomla website without knowing what the URL is.

Here’s how:-

  • Log into your Joomla administrator area
  • Navigate to Article Manager
  • Find the article that you would like to view and take note of the article ID
  • Add this URL after your main web address
  • Change the 00 at the end of the URL above to your article ID

So if your article ID is 42, your URL should look like this:-

It’s really that simple!

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