What if I want to get another company to work on my site?

We don’t lock in our clients with contracts, so once your website has been built and paid for in full you have complete access and control.

That means you can go in and make edits and changes yourself, or you can hand over access to another website company and employ them to make changes for you.

How long will my support pack last?

At Marketeam we offer 3 x types of support packages – 3 hours, 6 hours and 10 hours. This covers you for support on your Joomla website until your allocated hours have been used up (whichever comes first).

What’s covered under website support packs?

Support packages include things like adding new content to your website, updating images or contact details, updating the CMS software when required or providing phone support on how to use Joomla or Wordpress (whichever your site has been built in).

How can I get support after my website is built?

Most customers want to know if their website will be supported after it’s been built and launched live. The answer is yes – we offer several types of support to help you manage your website moving forward.