What if I want to make other changes after my training session?

Once we’ve built your website and provided you with training on how to use your content management system (either Joomla or Wordpress), you’ll be in charge of updating and maintaining your own site.

We understand that sometimes you may not have the time or resources to update your website – that’s why we have Support Packages available for purchase.

Is it easy to update my own website?

Yes! We build websites in Joomla and Wordpress – they are both very simple, easy-to-use content management systems. If you can use Microsoft Word and know your way around a web browser, you’ll find it easy to update and make changes to your website.

Are there tutorial videos available?

Yes! Whether we build your website in Joomla or Wordpress, there are literally thousands of tutorial videos available on YouTube.

Will I be given training on how to update my website?

Yes, all of our website builds include a training session on how to update and manage your website. Whether we build your website in Joomla or Wordpress it will be easy for you to make basic changes without needing to know any programming or HTML code.