Training is a great investment for your business that will help your website be a success and bring more customers to your door.



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Need help with SEO? We can provide SEO training

Training your staff on search engine optimisation is an investment that will provide great return to your business. A website needs to be found in search engines to attract potential customers, so why not save money by training your staff how to manage your SEO strategy?

In our SEO training sessions we teach you about:-

  • How search engines work
  • Tools for competitive keyword research
  • Conversion tactics
  • How to optimise title and description tags
  • How to insert keywords into content
  • How to use header tags effectively

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Here at Marketeam we have provided SEO solutions to clients for over 10 years. This combined with years of experience running SEO seminars, training sessions and workshops means that we explain SEO in an easy-to-understand format that will give you the insider’s tips on how to effectively optimise a website.


Call us today on (07) 3882 3375 or email to organise your SEO training session.

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