What if I want to get another company to work on my site?

We don’t lock in our clients with contracts, so once your website has been built and paid for in full you have complete access and control.

That means you can go in and make edits and changes yourself, or you can hand over access to another website company and employ them to make changes for you.

We believe that customers should own everything to do with their website. Having the ability to change web design companies not only keeps us on our toes, but it ensures that we keep our clients on board with quality workmanship and a high level of customer service – not lock-in contracts and tech talk.

If you choose to engage another web design company to work on your website, we’ll help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Forgotten your password after your training session? That’s OK, we can reset your password for you, then you can simply log in and set up a user account for the next website developer to work on your site. Not sure what your FTP details are? We will happily send these through to you.

You'll have complete control of your own website.